Examine relationships and the violence of abuse through objects bought, broken and repaired. Visit the beta site for the prototype VR experience. Otherwise, continue...
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"Bought/Broken offers an innovative way to engage with IPV, learning, and healing. It provides an engaging and flexible platform for others who have experienced IPV to record their stories and begin the process of literally and virtually putting the pieces together. This holistic approach merges art and experience, making Bought/Broken uniquely suited for an audience of youth and young adults.” - Stephanie Nilva, Executive Director, Day One

“The NYC Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence (ENDGBV) works to support survivors across all five boroughs by coordinating the delivery of services, providing prevention education and policy development. ENDGBV recognizes the powerful role that art can play in its work as a form of therapeutic healing for survivors, a way to support community engagement and education, and a way to transform public spaces. As part of its arts-based work, ENDGBV hosted a gallery event in 2019 that featured Theresa Loong's Bought/Broken video and interactive work, a project that addressed both healing after trauma and public education, resonating with both survivors and non-survivors alike. As Bought/Broken evolves, ENDGBV is committed to supporting and expanding the work by engaging survivors at the Office's five Family Justice Centers, which serve over 60,000 clients annually and by facilitating connections to survivor-serving organizations throughout the City. ENDGBV wholeheartedly endorses this project, and is excited to partner on the evolution of Bought/Broken so that survivors of domestic and gender-based violence can have increased access to arts-based healing.” - Saloni Sethi, Director of Policy, NYC Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence

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    Bought/Broken is an interactive experience that examines the relationships and violence of abuse through the lens of objects bought, broken and repaired. The project reveals experiences and stories behind personal items bought, then broken during an altercation. Stories are from people whose partners belittled, threatened, or hurt them - people from different ages and socio-economic backgrounds. The work is augmented by the creation of responsive soundscapes to support each sculpture as it is experienced. We will work with community partners in NY, New York and Nashville, TN.

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    Watch Bought/Broken here on Vimeo

    Bought/Broken from Theresa Loong on Vimeo.

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